Peanut Butter Chocolate

The OG, the is the original recipe, started in a coffee shop with only a few tweaks: chocolate chunks and peanut butter. No mush, no sawdust. Just wholesome ingredients that you can taste and pronounce, and bomb taste.

Nutrition Info & Ingredients


Chocolate lovers rejoice. All the decadence you can handle and 10 grams of protein to keep you growing and going. We don’t do anything half way at the Tahoe Trail Bar and this bar is all the way chocolate!

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

Our bars our vegan and gluten-free. Our company praises balance and gratitude.

The Tahoe Trail Bar brand was built through the love and support of the locals. Through local and regional outdoor event sponsorship, regional television and print advertisements in newspapers and regional outdoor trade journals, we grew. We sponsored outdoor adventure athletes, travel expeditions on the Sierra High Route, Pacific Crest Trail, and John Muir Trail, and Alaskan Heliskiing operations.