Our Why

Each day, we are wildly committed to delivering the highest quality fuel that allows people to connect with the outdoors. We have an uncompromisable duty to our team, customers, and mountain community to build a balanced and grateful company. Whatever outdoor adventure awaits you, let Tahoe Trail Bar be the fuel for your journey.


Our Beliefs


Be Grateful

We are thankful for our humble beginnings, the Lake Tahoe community, our competitors, each person that buys our fuel, and for each and every one of you who loves the outdoors.

Respect the Mountains

Love the only place where can you experience mind-bending light, a sunset you could never describe and silence you could never replicate. The mountains are our home.

Always live in balance

In everything we do, from crafting clean and great tasting energy bars to sponsoring your local triathlon to getting out and climbing our favorite mountain peaks, we value balance. We work to live and we understand that one must give before they receive.