AJ Marino

Hey Guys! I’m AJ, a 21 year old Filmmaker / Skier and I was born and raised in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I was put on skis at the prime age of 18 months, sure enough it’s been the driving force of my life ever since. Skiing introduced me to Cinematography, and I am incredibly lucky to ski and document adventure sports full time!

What’s your Spirit Animal?

I think I could rock a Mountain Goat. They just kick it there on the side of a 5.10 route. They’re pretty rare to see, kind of like me after a long video editing binge and their horns are sick, wish I could have horns like that. Yeah and I like to be in the mountains, it seems like a spiritual match.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

I would definitely be Frozone from the Incredibles, just so I can look for my super suit all day. Also when we’re having a bad winter I can just shoot snow from my arm and have a pow day.

Who is your favorite Artist?

I have always been extremely intrigued by Renan Ozturk’s high altitude large canvas work, his camera work is nothing short of amazing too. Definitely one of the biggest inspirations to me.

What’s your proudest moment?

Quitting my job to follow my passion. It’s hard to live a life of insecurity, doubt, and fear. But waking up everyday and living a life full of passion and meaningful experiences makes me the most proud day in and day out.

Anything funky you want to share with everyone?

I’m a huge nerd for everything science. I’ve read books about everything from astrophysics, to thermodynamics, to energy and environmental science. Its interesting to learn how to world works, and by not being in school like most others my age I have to continue to learn on my own. I also listened to 8,000 minutes of NPR in 2017… Nerd alert