Dan Keenan

After a childhood of rambling around the hills of upstate New York, Dan has pursued a life in the mountains and traveling the world. Dan loves skiing, mountain biking, and has probably spent a good chunk of his adult life doing things that require helmets.

When Dan is forced to do some “adulting”, he is a graphic designer and web developer under the name Hatchback Creative, the maker of this here website!

Spirit Animal

A 12 year old malamute named Nina. She’s a gentle beast and a wise sage. She teaches me a lot about patience.

Proudest Moment

Battling and beating cancer at 30 years old. Also, anytime I’ve pulled off a last minute trip go do something rad. Those are the best. Sometimes you just need to drop everything and go.

Favorite Meal

Whatever is simmering on the little two burner stove of our cabover camper. If we’re bumming around in that thing, good times are being had.