Tahoe Trail Bar Ambassador

Rachid Dahnoun

Rachid Dahnoun combines his love of outdoor adventure with his artistic vision to create a touching photographic journal of the natural world. From breathtaking landscapes to gritty action photos, Dahnoun delivers compelling imagery to commercial clients and magazines across the globe.

His clients include: National Geographic, ESPN, The Travel Channel, American Express, Microsoft, ARAMARK, AAA, Travel and Leisure, Expedia, Lowepro, SKI Magazine, the New York Times and many more.

Dahnoun’s passion for the outdoors and adventure fuels his vision through the lens. Camera in hand, you will find Dahnoun chasing friends down bottomless powder slopes, pedaling through endless miles of pristine trail and rarely standing still.

What’s your spirit animal?

Bear – some days Black and other days Grizzly

If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

Ironman.  Endless funds with endless toys and you get to save the world.  What’s not to like?!

What is your favorite band OR who is your favorite artist?

Pantera, I am a heavy metal fanatic.  My favorite visual artists are Albert Bierstadt, Salvador Dali and Richard Avedon.

Favorite meal?

French Onion Soup followed by Roasted Duck a l’Orange with an amazing bottle of Bordeaux.  Preferably consumed somewhere in France.

Proudest moment?

Quitting my day job bartending and investing everything I had into being a full-time adventure travel photographer.

Anything funky you want to share with everyone.

I love to cook.  Having a Moroccan father who is a chef really got me into cooking at an early age.