Down to the Studs: Behind the Tahoe Trail Bar Rebrand

What's in a brand, anyways?

I have come to realize that it's so much more than a logo and a few colors. It's about our story. This spring we took a major leap and decided to rebrand our business.

Tahoe Trail Bar has been around for quite some time now. Fred started making 1,000 calorie bricks of goodness back in 1996, and we have had a cult following ever since. Over the years, we have experimented with many different processes to grow our production, capture our branding, and communicate our message of connecting the outdoors to the world.

Growing Our Connection

As we grew into larger grocery accounts, and we were being placed into a sea of other energy bars on the shelf, it became apparent we needed to up our packaging game. As of 2015 we had been in the Northern California market with one flavor for 2 years, selling in natural and conventional grocery. Throughout that time, we struggled to be seen on the shelf because of muted colors. The packaging itself was awesome with the hiker and outdoors colors, but we weren’t converting sales because the features of the bar were not clear to customers.

When we decided to take the plunge into the new flavors our customers were requesting, it seemed like a great time to take the brand "down to the studs" and really capture who we are and what we are about. The new packaging and new website you see here is the result of 15 months of hard work, and a lot of trust in some great people. We are elated with the results that Perspective Branding delivered for us in our new packaging, and we really feel the rebrand tells the story of who we are and why we do what we do.




The rebrand was mostly about authentically capturing in our packaging what our most loyal fans always knew us to be. It was about getting back to our roots. We were a true mountain brand, conceived by mountain people, celebrating an iconic destination in Lake Tahoe, but we had failed to really let that shine in our packaging and logo. By adding the pine cone, owning the new vibrant green and the Tahoe trees, we moved more to showing who we are on our packaging. In the process Perspective also helped us capture what consumers really look for when they shop, namely easily visible nutrition information and selling features, and our reason why we do what we tahoe trail bars

If you are looking for non GMOvegangluten free energy bars for on the trail or off shop Tahoe Trail Bars. Read about our mission to build 1,000 miles of trail in 10 years. If you’ve never tried a Tahoe Trail Bar, now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Use the coupon code: PlantBasedFuel and receive $5 off your order. Buy Bars here. Savings never tasted this good!

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