Mmmmm: A Little Morsel About Our Chocolate Chunks

We just won’t compromise at Tahoe Trail Bar, and taste is a major priority and always at the top of our minds. Great taste leads to, er, uh, well... CHOCOLATE. But, not just any chocolate. Here's a little morsel about one of our most prized ingredients.

Ever since we started making these things (our bars) in a coffee shop, it was all about that moment when you put it in your mouth and say, “Daaaaamn. That’s good.” To achieve great tasting energy bars, there is one thing we must ensure: high quality ingredients. One of the ingredients we get asked about and complimented on the most are the vegan chocolate chunks in our Peanut Butter Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cherry flavors. No one knows this yet, but it's our absolute favorite when we get a post on one of our social channels from stoked chunk fans. Fans announcing, “Jackpot!” complemented with an extraordinary photo of extra chunky goodness. We get you. You get us. Chocolate makes our world go round' as well.

Real talk:

These nuggets of greatness are not easy to come by and they aren’t cheap. We use refrigerated trucks to bring our chunks in from a special factory in Ohio where we are one of only two companies that use this brand of high-quality chocolate. Why? Because most energy bar companies streamline their production costs by providing a smaller "chip". But, at Tahoe Trail Bar, we want you to sink your teeth into a heavenly, high-quality, satisfying chunks.

We want you to taste the variety of flavors and ingredients in our bars. We truly strive to make this the best tasting energy bar on the planet. Ingredients you can pronounce, chocolate you can taste, that melts in your mouth, that you can enjoy again and again and say, “Daaaaamn. That’s good.”

Not everyone is as dedicated as we are about delivering the best possible ingredients to you. But the Tahoe Trail Bar isn’t just another energy bar, we are the Fuel for your Journey.

tahoe bar chocolate

If you are looking for non GMOvegan, gluten free energy bars for on the trail or off shop Tahoe Trail Bars. Read about our mission to build 1,000 miles of trail in 10 years. If you’ve never tried a Tahoe Trail Bar, now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Use the coupon code: PlantBasedFuel and receive $5 off your order. Buy Bars here. Savings never tasted this good!

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