Expo West 2020 Sustainability Efforts

Expo West 2020 Sustainability Efforts

With its focus on healthy, organic, and clean living, it’s no surprise that sustainability is a core tenet in everything done at Natural Products Expo West 2020. Sustainability is built into every single aspect of the event – from its water use to its carbon consumption. Some highlights from their efforts include the following:

100% of the electricity and water used during the Expo is being offset by partners.
Whenever possible, waste from the event will be being diverted to recycling or composting efforts, rather than landfills (191,800 pounds diverted in 2019).
Plastic single-use water bottles have been eliminated, and condiments/beverages are provided in bulk, rather than individual servings.
Sustainable booth packages are available. Styrofoam and Foamcore have been eliminated from the Exhibitor Service Kit.
Leftover food and booth supplies will be donated to local non-profit organizations.

In addition to these logistical efforts, Expo West is committed to its social responsibility, as indicated by the philanthropic efforts of the Community Breakfast. The event has partnered with the Children’s Hunger Fund and intends on packing 4,000 boxes of healthy food for families in need. Each box will supplement a family’s food supply for an entire week – equating to a total of 192,000 meals.

As demonstrated by the Sustainability Program, Expo West has shown that it is focusing on specific areas - such as waste management, energy and water conservation, sustainable procurement, and community engagement – in an effort to improve year after year.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Expo West promotes and highlights the sustainability efforts of many of its vendor organizations. This conference is a way for everyone concerned about sustainability to come together, share their efforts and experiences, and promote sustainability and healthy living for our future.

Frequently, the vendors found at Expo West aren’t organizations that are simply content to giving money to environmental efforts, but they have sustainability at the very core of their mission, vision, and values. It is culturally-embraced from the top down. A few examples of vendors who have truly embraced sustainability in their operations include the following Expo West exhibitors.

Tahoe Trail Bar

Tahoe Trail Bar is a Lake Tahoe-based nutritional bar manufacturer by day, that also doubles as a nature trail defender. As a response to funding cuts for public lands, the company has committed to devoting a share of its revenues to nonprofits that work toward ensuring that non-motorized trails remain accessible and are maintained for generations to come. They have committed to helping impact 1,000 miles of trails in the next ten years to provide everyone with equal access to nature and allow them to experience the healing power of the outdoors. Sustainability of these trails is a crucial aspect to our populations’ ability to live well in the future – Tahoe Trail Bar understands that and is committed to realizing this goal.

Bears For Humanity

While stuffed animals are definitely not known for their sustainability, Bears for Humanity is on a mission to change that. The company produces stuffed animal toys but does so using only stringent, sustainable, fair trade standards. This commitment means the company adheres to the Global Organic Textures Standard to combat the use of child labor, genetic engineering, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals during production. The company also only uses recycled polyester to further its sustainability goals. These efforts combined show that this company is committed to a sustainable future.

Earth's Care

Earth’s Care offers a wide line of personal care products, and their commitment to sustainability is evident by their recyclable packaging and their use of wind power in some aspects of their productions. However, they go above and beyond standard sustainability efforts through their support of environmental causes. Similar to Tahoe Trail Bars, they partner with 1% for the Planet by diverting a portion of their revenues to the organization. These funds are then distributed to a number of global environmental causes, such as Alaska Conservation and the Zoological Society of London.


Pathwater is one of Expo West’s Sustainability Program partners. The company will be providing reusable bottles filled with sustainably-sourced water for attendees. This company want’s to break the consumer addiction to single-use plastic water bottles. Toward this end, Pathwater has partnered with many other companies to help them achieve their zero-waste goals. As education toward sustainability increases, you will likely see Pathwater’s reusable water bottles becoming available in more locations.

Rum Spice

Afghanistan is known for its robust spices, but it is also a location that regularly experiences violence and is a key player in the global drug trade. Rum Spice is committed to cultivating peace in the area while also ensuring that the rest of the world can access Afghani saffron. This company is single-handedly creating new demand for Afghani spices, linking farmers with the global economy, and making a sustainable impact on the entire country’s economy.

Diamond Wipes

Diamond Wipes is committed to showing the rest of the world that convenience and sustainability can coexist. Their wet wipe products are known for their convenience; however, unlike most companies in this industry, Diamond Wipes is working to achieve sustainability and responsibly manage the planet’s limited resources. To achieve this, the company has been an EPA Green Power Partner since 2012, with much of its electricity being sourced through clean and renewable solar energy. They are also Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance members, through their commitment to only source materials coming from responsibly managed forests with fair worker treatment measures. Diamond Wipes also only selects organic products to reduce the toxic load, prevent pollution, and promote biodiversity. They also use flexible packaging, to reduce the amount of plastic and energy needed to produce the products. Diamond Wipes is truly showing a commitment to environmental and social sustainability at every step of the way.

As you can see, Expo West and its exhibitor partners exemplify the core tenets of sustainability. These examples are just a sampling of what you might expect to see from most participants at the event – however, this list includes some of the most comprehensive and radical sustainability measures that you will see in modern corporate practice.

First time heading out to Expo West? Check out our 11 Tips to Survive Natural Products Expo West 2020.



Tahoe Trail Bar is the perfect plant based nutrition powerhouse for the ‘outdoor obsessed’ who hunger for high-quality, great tasting fuel. We want to make it possible for them to push their personal limits while also serving a higher planetary purpose through 1% For The Planet. Because trails are the essence of our passion, we are on a mission to impact 1,000 miles of trail in 10 years. Each box of non GMO, vegan, gluten free energy bars purchased will impact new and existing trails.

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