Tahoe Trail Bar: Fueling a Photographer at Crankworx Whistler

“If you don’t hear from me for the next two weeks, don’t take it personally,” is the last thing I told my friends and family before I left for Whistler, BC to photograph the renowned mountain biking event, Crankworx, Whistler.

Known in the mountain biking industry as the forefront of the sport, Crankworx is comprised of a series of races and competitions that bring the best athletes from all around the world to compete head to head in the most remarkable backdrop, Whistler, Canada.

As a photographer, shooting events such as Crankworx, can be all consuming. Between the endless hours of meetings, scouting, shooting, and editing, there is often no time left for personal anything—spending time with your friends, using the hotel jacuzzi, pool, or gym, and certainly no time to sit down to a proper meal, which is reason why the high nutritional value and convenience of Tahoe Trail Bars was literally a lifesaver while I worked as a photographer at Crankworx. Eating up to 3 bars a day, I enjoyed them deep in the forest while I lay on the side of the track shooting as racers whizzed by, riding up the Top of the World chairlift or gondola to set up to shoot the next event, and while running from the awards ceremony to my computer to edit and turn in photos before the deadline.


Of all the events, my favorite to shoot was the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro, presented by Specialized because forgiving is not a word you would use whatsoever to describe the track racers were given to ride. Comprised of 5 stages designed to highlight the enormous variety of trails in the Whistler area, the track could only be won with a fearless combination of precision and flat out pinning-it-ness.

sram canadian open enduro

While downhill racers can enjoy a nice sprint down an often 6 foot wide track with multiple line options, enduro riders are forced to pump, lift, and drift in singletrack sections frequently only a tire width wide. With absolutely no margin for error, the Whistler track tested the world’s best enduro riders to the maximum. The elite finished the day victorious, while the relentless track left many slowing off the side of the trail, while the clock continued to silently tick away. Dubbed “Crankzilla”, see the track that separated the men from the boys.

mountain biking

Thank you Tahoe Trail Bar for helping me stay properly fueled to capture the action at Crankworx Whistler!

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©Nina Porcelli

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