Chasing Winter: A Snowboarder’s Journey to Australia

by Nick Geisen, Tahoe Trail Bar Ambassador

Tahoe Trail Bar Snowboarder in Australia


Tahoe Trail Bar Snowboarder in AustraliaThe summer started out beautiful in Tahoe! Sunshine and laying on the beach is you need, right? If you don’t know me, I am a snowboarder to my core. Well, a few weeks into summer and I was already getting the itch to get back on my snowboard. I got the ball rolling as quickly as I could and booked tickets to Australia to enjoy the Southern Hemisphere snow season. I set the trip for a month and a half, which was plenty of time to turn my board to all my heart’s desire.

The first few weeks were spent in the deep of winter with heavy wind and snow. About halfway through August, the weather broke and I was able to get in a few epic powder days followed by an abrupt change over to spring for the last half of the trip. Australian culture consists of the most optimistic people I have yet to come across. Australians are always excited for the new, regardless of what happened the day before! I really enjoyed going Down Under for the summer… what an epic time!

Tahoe Trail Bar Snowboarder in AustraliaNick Geisen is an ambassador for Tahoe Trail Bar. Follow snowboarder, Nick Geisen on Instagram.












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