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12 pack/$29.88

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12 pack/$29.88

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It’s Not an adventure Until something happens. here’s what’s happening with our crew around the world.

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Beyond food: Living a Vegan Lifestyle

Beyond Food: Living a Vegan Lifestyle

When most people think of going vegan, they do so in terms of food products and don’t consider a full-circle vegan lifestyle. But, going truly vegan encompasses one’s entire life. There are many hidden animal products in every day items that many tend to forget about. These animal-based products are hidden in alcohol, beauty items,… Read more »

Plant Based Athletes

Are We in the Age of Plant Based Athletes?

Plant Based Athletes With the olympics over, diet is always on the forefront of what elite athletes are eating to get the gold. A new trend in the diet of athletics is the choice of going vegan. But why would an athlete go vegan? How the heck are these plant based athletes getting enough plant… Read more »

Go Vegan for the Environment

4 Reasons to Go Vegan for the Environment

The interest and adoption of a vegan diet is a trending topic in diet electives right now. More and more evidence is being revealed for the health benefits of a plant based diet, there is a growing selection of alternative meat and dairy products, and there are increased number of studies for external benefits of… Read more »

Mountain Biking the Rocky Mountains

As mountain bikers from California, there is a great deal of allure to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, due in no small part to their massive descents, variety of terrain, and quality dirt thanks to the summer monsoons. The Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California often will go weeks or months without rain,… Read more »

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“Born in a coffee shop on the southern shores of Lake Tahoe, we pride ourselves on our humble beginnings and mountain roots. The local community fell in love with our bar because it's high-quality fuel, crafted with ingredients they loved and could pronounce. Our bar quickly became a delicious connection to their outdoor passions. Our fuel is always vegan and gluten-free. Our company always praises balance and gratitude.”

Wes King
Owner, Mountain Sports Junkie

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