Our Why

Each day, we are wildly committed to delivering the highest quality fuel that allows people to connect with the outdoors. We have an uncompromisable duty to our team, customers, and mountain community to build a balanced and grateful company. Whatever outdoor adventure awaits you, let Tahoe Trail Bar be the fuel for your journey.


Our Beliefs


Be Grateful

We are thankful for our humble beginnings, the Lake Tahoe community, our competitors, each person that buys our fuel, and for each and every one of you who loves the outdoors.

Respect the Mountains

Love the only place where you can experience mind-bending light, a sunset you could never describe and silence you could never replicate. The mountains are our home.

Always live in balance

In everything we do, from crafting clean and great tasting energy bars to sponsoring your local triathlon to getting out and climbing our favorite mountain peaks, we value balance. We work to live and we understand that one must give before they receive.

Our Story

This bar was crafted in a coffee shop on the southern shores of Lake Tahoe. The original recipe is still what we hang our hat on today: chocolate chunks and peanut butter. No mush, just wholesome ingredients that you can taste and pronounce.

The local community fell in love with our bar for two simple reasons:

  • High-quality fuel, crafted with ingredients they loved (and could pronounce).
  • A delicious connection to the outdoors.

The Story

The Tahoe Trail Bar was founded in Hot Gossip coffee shop in 1995.  The owner, Fred, started making 11oz bricks of chocolate peanut butter oat goodness every morning, and locals were known to fuel a whole day of skiing at Heavenly on one serving. After a few years, Kim Aynedter approached Fred about making Tahoe Trail Bars in larger volumes and used the kitchen at night to make the first (and smaller) wholesale portions.

In the early 2000’s, Leesa Lopazanski purchased Hot Gossip from Fred, and Kim and Leesa continued to distribute Tahoe Trail Bars around Lake Tahoe at natural food markets and delis. The bars even started to show up in Sacramento and San Francisco retailers through small distributors.

In 2006, Wes King moved to Lake Tahoe and was an instant fan of the bar.  He would buy them by the handful at various locations around South Lake Tahoe, and it was his go-to snack for outdoor adventure. In 2010, Wes wanted to do everything he could to get this energy bar in as many hands as possible, and became the new owner of Tahoe Trail Bar.

Meet Wes

Say Hi To Wes King

From an early age Wes knew that there was more to life than where a car took you.  Sometimes you have to use your feet, your legs, or your back.  It’s your feet that get you out into the wild.

He grew up in Tennessee. Every afternoon, he would come home from school and chop down trees, dig holes, and crawl around looking at bugs. He wore out a pair of jeans every 2 months rooting around and rummaging in the forest.  Playing in the woods was the only place he felt truly connected.  A part of the crew.

One day he was introduced to a box of Powerbars.  Wes ripped open the box, took each bar out of the wrapper, put the bars in a ziplock bag, and held it up…

He. Had. Arrived.

No more coming back to the house during a tree chopping or hole digging session to make a peanut butter sandwich.  Wes could stay in the woods for days.  It was pure potential, unlimited energy, the gateway to all the things he loved to do.

Lake Tahoe

Fast forward 20 years, Wes lands in Lake Tahoe.  Tahoe had a big snow year that winter, and everything was electric.  The lake was full to the brim, the grass was deep rich green, and the rivers were raging with snowmelt.  Wes and his friends climbed dawn to dusk, and again he felt that feeling of being a part of something.  The mountain crew.  People connected and brought together by a common purpose:  The pure potential of the outdoors.  Each morning that they woke, there were only two decisions that needed to be made:  What activity would we pursue and where would we go?  Tahoe is great like that.  There’s hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, bouldering, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and so much more.

After a year or two of living there, Wes discovered this energy bar called Tahoe Trail Bar.  He was in love with Tahoe and Tahoe Trail Bar gave him the same feeling about Tahoe that Powerbar had once given him about the Tennessee woods.  This is the bar that won’t let you down. Great taste, plenty of calories with chocolatey peanut butter greatness. Once Wes realized that he could lead this company and while sharing the love of the outdoors with the world…it was then that he felt like he had truly arrived.

“The local community fell in love with our bar for two simple reasons: 1. High-quality fuel, crafted with ingredients they loved and could pronounce. 2. A delicious connection to the outdoors.”


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