8 Benefits of Protein Bars

Vegans and non-vegans alike are starting to incorporate plant based protein bars into their diets, especially as they become more and more available in grocery stores. But are they actually good for you, besides the name?

Yes! In this post, we’ll explain the many benefits of protein bars. Especially the plant based ones.

Plant Based Protein Bar vs Whey Protein Bar

Most protein bars contain whey, which is a waste product leftover from cheese production — kind of unappealing, right?

It’s a highly processed protein that can cause weight gain, and can cause indigestion in people with sensitivities to dairy products.

Vegan energy bars, on the other hand, contain protein from whole foods like nuts, seeds, and even grains. Besides being less processed, there are many health benefits of vegan bars. 

benefits of protein bars

Benefits of Protein bars

1. Plant based protein keeps you fuller, longer

Nuts and seeds contain significant amounts of fiber, which aids in keeping you full. Fiber takes longer to digest, meaning you feel satiated for a longer amount of time. This can aid in weight loss.

And on top of that, fiber aids in digestion! A high fiber diet may help reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

2. Plant based Protein bars help you lose weight

Because plant based protein keeps you fuller for longer, you’re likely to eat less, which can help with your weight loss goals.

Also, if you opt for a healthy, plant based protein bar versus, let’s say, a doughnut, you’ll be better off in the long run. Some say that snacking is an integral part of weight loss, as it helps maintain your metabolism and prevents you from overeating at mealtime.

Rather than eating a huge lunch and hoping that it sustains you until dinner, you can snack on a plant based protein bar in the afternoon to tide yourself over – and, you end up eating less at your next meal, helping you reach your weight loss goals.

3. Plant based protein bars give you more energy

While there are many adverse side effects of consuming whey protein (often found in non-vegan protein bars), one of them is that it may cause fatigue. Plant based protein, on the other hand, may make you more energized.

Because it’s easier to digest, your body spends less energy digesting, leaving you with more energy. Believe it or not, many NFL players have opted to go vegan for its energy-boosting effects, and because they wanted to eat cleaner in general.

Wesley Woodyard, one of the at least ten Tennessee Titans who have gone vegan, told the Associated Press that “[his] energy level’s gone up” since going vegan. 

4. Plant based protein bars keep your gut healthy

A 2014 study examining the gut flora of meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans determined that the latter category had more diverse gut flora, which resulted in less inflammation. Our customer, Corey W., said “The bar is light in that I can eat one on the way to the gym and not feel weighed down or bloated.”

5. Nuts contain healthy fats and nutrients

Nuts are often one of the main protein sources in plant based protein bars. Not only are they high in protein, they contain omega-3s, magnesium, and are rich in vitamins.

They also contain healthy fats that promote heart health, balance hormones, control sugar levels, and maintain your appetite.

There are so many additional benefits of eating nuts, other than being a great source of nutrients — they contain lots of antioxidants, may aid in weight loss, may reduce inflammation, and are delicious. In conclusion, we’re nuts about nuts, and can’t recommend them highly enough. 

6. Plant based bars are great for your skin

Increasing your intake of plant based food can make you look healthier (i.e. brighter skin), according to a study published in 2012. Cutting out dairy, especially, makes a huge difference to your skin — dermatologist Papri Sarkar told Insider that cutting out dairy products for a month significantly diminished her patients acne.

Another dermatologist, Dhaval Bhanalusi, said that his patients reported having clearer, glowing skin once they went vegan. While there are many factors that affect your complexion, diet plays a big role in this.

7. Plant based protein bars don’t contain harmful additives

Many protein bar brands, including ours, that go so far as to only use plant based ingredients are also opting to use the best possible ingredients.

Because so many energy bars that are available today are highly processed and contain unhealthy preservatives, we want to provide you with an option that you can feel good about (and enjoy!) eating.

At Tahoe, very intentional about each of their ingredients to make sure they’re the highest quality. 

And, by skipping dairy, you’re avoiding any hormones or antibiotics that may have been used in dairy production. Researchers in 2015 concluded that hormones in dairy products lead to an increased risk of certain cancers, and have a negative impact on your endocrine system.  

8. They’re delicious!

We can’t speak for all plant based protein bar brands, but our Tahoe Trail Bars taste amazing. We believe that just because something is healthy, you don’t have to compromise flavor. There are so many bars on the market these days that barely taste like food.

Whether you’re using an energy bar as a meal replacement or to keep you fueled on the trail, it’s important that what you put in your body is not only good for you, but tastes amazing, too!

We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves — Martin L. said, “I’m happy to say I have found the best tasting energy I’ve ever eaten,” and Regina S. added, “Super tasty bars. Easily the best on the market.”

Tahoe Trail Bar’s flavors like Dark Chocolate CherryMango Coconut and Caramel Chocolate Chunk satisfy your cravings and keep you energized throughout the day. 

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of protein bars. Both vegans and non-vegans alike. By deeming our bars “vegan” and “gluten-free,” we’re avoiding potentially harmful ingredients like whey protein, and using gluten free oats instead of unhealthy, refined flour.

If you’re looking to incorporate cleaner, plant based foods into your diet, Tahoe Trail Bars are a great place to start. 

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