From Trail Bar to Hearty Meal


We had to share the culinary brilliance of one Michelle Shea, the host/creator of the outdoor series Adventure Dining Guide. Last spring, Michelle featured Tahoe Trail Bar in not one, not two, but three separate recipes designed to “elevate a trail bar into a hearty meal.” And oh yes, she succeeded.

We love this. First, we love that Michelle loves trail bars, and especially the Tahoe Trail Bar. Michelle explains that her love for the humble trail bar is three-fold: they’re tasty, they’re convenient and they’re full of nutrients to keep her going on that trail. We hear you, Michelle, and we’re totally on board.

But because variety is the spice of life, Michelle was compelled to transform the trail bar into something beyond a fast snack. And, well, she did just that. We’re sharing a link to her recipes here, but you have to check out her video for the full experience.

Here’s what this gourmand whips up – outdoors, no less:

Tahoe Trail Bar Sliders – we’re talking cheese and salami, people
Dried Fruit Stuffed with Tahoe Trail Bars – for all you fruit lovers out there
Tahoe Trail Bar Biscotti – this one is simple and perfect

Watch the video, get your Tahoe Trail Bars, and then get creative in the kitchen (or, you know, on the trail). We’d love to see how you transform the trail bar from a snack to a full-on meal.

tahoe trail bar 

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