The Story Behind the Tahoe Trail Bar Pinecone

Lot's have people have asked us about our unique looking pinecone and the meaning behind behind it.

We chose a pinecone for our logo for a few different reasons. In case you didn't know, Lake Tahoe has a ton of pine trees. In the fall you can count on being startled out of a deep sleep more than a few times by the loud crack of a sap filled pinecone smacking the roof or hood of your car. My old red Subaru had quite a few of these faint dents and sap marks.

Living in the mountains, these are the little things that you just can’t explain to people who don’t know that sound. There is some sort of comforting familiarity to the "thwack" of the pinecone on your roof because it is the sound of fall. Much like the faint sound of snow blowers firing up in the early morning and the beep of a plow churning down your street... you know it snowed hard overnight and it’s going to be a pow day. These are the sounds of changing seasons and a reminder of how we live in harmony with nature; the power of the wind as the pressure changes before a storm, the "whuurrrr" of a Honda 928, the chink of the chains on a snow plow, these are the sounds of mountain people doing their thing.

For the members of Tahoe Trail Bar, the pinecone represents the deep connection that is found in the mountain lifestyle, the subtle nuances that represent a mountain life, and the love of living there that is required when your car, or your head, is thumped by a pinecone.

The pinecone also represents for us the pure potential of the mountain life. At the center of each pine cone is a seed, and this seed can become a tree that can stand up to the toughest wind. In this same way, a seed was planted for me on a visit to Lake Tahoe in 2004, and it turned into a life of endless adventure for me. That’s what I love most about living in the mountains. You wake up, make a cup of coffee, and the world of adventure is at your doorstep. Pure potential, pure fun.

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