Is Tahoe Trail Bar a Good Replacement for Breakfast?

Tahoe Trail Bars are great in any situation — as fuel on a hike, a meal replacement, or breakfast on-the-go. However you incorporate them into your diet, you’ll be surprised by the deliciousness and nutritional value packed into these vegan energy bars.

Eating Tahoe Trail Bars for Breakfast

What makes a good breakfast? Some of us can roll out of bed and eat a full English breakfast, while others might have a more tempered appetite in the morning. Breakfast can look vastly different depending on the person, but we do recommend ensuring your breakfast has these two things: whole grains and protein. 

So, do Tahoe Trail Bars make the cut for a good breakfast replacement? Absolutely! We make our bars with rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit — and we always source non-GMO ingredients. 

The Importance of Breakfast

We’ve all heard before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a science-backed claim, and new research continues to reveal the benefits of eating breakfast. According to Mayo Clinic, adults who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to eat more vitamins and minerals, control their weight, control their blood sugar levels, and perform better at work. Notice the emphasis on “healthy” — what you eat for breakfast is just as important as if you eat breakfast. 

A sugary cereal won’t have the same positive effects as a nutritious meal of whole grains and protein. Many energy bars, even if they’re marketed as healthy, contain unhealthy amounts of sugar. Even if a bar doesn’t have added sugar, it might contain refined flour, which turns into glucose. You don’t want your breakfast giving you a sugar high followed by a crash around 11 a.m. At Tahoe, we never add sugar to our bars, and we always use whole grains as opposed to over processed flour. 

To get a head start on your day, you also want to make sure your breakfast contains protein. Tahoe Trail Bars contain 5 to 10 grams of protein depending on the bar you choose. Our bars are vegan, so the protein content is always plant-based. Eating a protein rich breakfast will keep you full for longer. Protein causes the body to release hormones that give you a feeling of fullness, and blocks the secretion of ghrelin, “the hunger hormone.” Because of these effects, many people look to protein rich meals as a tool for weight loss. A 2006 study looked at the effects of a high protein breakfast, as opposed to a high carb breakfast, on the body. As expected, those who ate the high protein breakfast produced less ghrelin, and most likely felt satiated for longer.

Protein is important, but you want to round out your breakfast with whole grains. When you consume carbs, it’s best to eat them in their whole form if possible, rather than eating processed or refined carbs. Whole grains keep you fuller for longer, and like protein, slow ghrelin secretion so that you feel more satiated. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy, and it’s essential to load up on them (in moderation, of course). Eating carbs increases your glycogen stores, which your body uses as its main source of energy. 

What are Meal Replacement Bars?

Meal replacement bar

Meal replacement bars are—you guessed it—protein or energy bars that you can eat in lieu of a meal. We classify our Tahoe Trail Bars as meal replacement bars because they contain an appropriate amount of protein, carbs, and nutrients, and because they can fill you up as a meal would. Who knew that you could store a whole meal in your pocket, just ready for consumption at any time?

Breakfast Doesn’t Need to Be Time-Consuming to Be Healthy

Often, our biggest reason for not eating healthy is that we’re busy. Meal prepping, sourcing local, fresh ingredients, cooking, et cetera take time. And spare time isn’t something we have in spades. Luckily for you, Tahoe Trail Bars make for a quick and easy, and healthy replacement for breakfast (or any meal.) 

Breakfast On-the-Go

Having to eat meals on-the-go poses a new challenge when you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet. Imagine trying to eat a bowl of cereal in your car — that’s a recipe for disaster (i.e. a smelly mess), and depending on the type of cereal, not even that nutritious. Or if you decide to grab something and you’re short on time, you’re left with unhealthy options like a greasy breakfast sandwich or a sugary pastry that won’t keep you full. Energy bars are the perfect solution to this quandary. Lightweight, compact, and shelf-stable, they make for a foolproof portable breakfast. 

The bottom line is, Tahoe Trail Bars are a great replacement for breakfast, or any meal, and perfect for when you’re in a pinch. Pair our Dark Chocolate Cherry bar with your morning cup of coffee, and you’re already starting your day off on the right foot. 

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