The Best Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

There's hardly a better combination out there for a great tasting healthy snack than peanut butter chocolate bars. Both peanut butter and chocolate are perfectly poised to provide the quick energy and lasting fullness needed to fuel adventures.

The Tahoe Trail Bar had humble beginnings in a coffee shop in South Lake Tahoe. When current owner, Wes, bought the company, they were sold in bricks, and they remained that way for some time. Below you can see the original packaging of our peanut butter chocolate bars.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

peanut butter chocolate oatmeal bar

Over time, small changes were made to the bar. The first thing was a small upgrade to packaging and a brand new sticker which added a picture of the mountains where we call home. At this time, Wes was hauling bars around in his red Subaru. So many, in fact, that his car's axle broke!

peanut butter oatmeal chocolate bars

Eventually, Wes realized that Tahoe Trail Bar peanut butter chocolate bars needed to be vegan and gluten free. It made sense at this time to switch to new packaging which would better convey the benefits of our bar and provide a longer shelf life. We began an intense focus on ingredient sourcing and improving our value to our customers.

Growing Up

peanut butter chocolatey bars

Since this shift, the bar has remained largely unchanged. Although the shape is a little different and the ingredients are all plant-based, gluten free, and Non-GMO, the same amazing taste has remained. From the start, we have been about providing great tasting fuel so that lovers of our bar can spend more time in nature. Our peanut butter chocolate bars are the perfect snack to throw in a backpack and take on a hike. And when it comes to hiking trails, we have a little more to say about it.

We are so dedicated to preserving where adventure happens, our mission is to impact 1,000 miles of trail in ten years. One. Thousand. From the Sierras to wherever you adventure, we aim to serve the outdoor community and fuel countless journeys.

peanut butter chocolate bar

Below you can see the current iteration of our packaging. Again, we feel this reflects who we are better than ever before. Bright, and easily seen in your local supermarket, we hope you seek us out at a store near you. Click here to learn about where we are sold.

Tahoe Trail Bar

Tahoe Trail Bar is the perfect plant based nutrition powerhouse for the ‘outdoor obsessed’ who hunger for high-quality, great tasting fuel. We want to make it possible for them to push their personal limits while also serving a higher planetary purpose through 1% For The Planet. Because trails are the essence of our passion, we are on a mission to impact 1,000 miles of trail in 10 years. Each box of non GMOvegan, gluten free energy bars purchased will impact new and existing trails.

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