Is it Good to Take Energy Bars While Trekking?

There’s a reason snack bars take up almost half of the snack aisle in the grocery store–they’re in high demand! People love their portability and dependability, so the snack has grown in popularity in recent years. There are so many different kinds of snack bars, but they aren’t all made equally. Tahoe Trail Bars, for example, are packed with protein and slow-burning carbs, and are a great option for trekkers.

While any nutritious food is good to take while trekking, Tahoe Trail Bars are great options for a few important reasons.

Tahoe Trail Bars are Compact and Lightweight

When preparing for a trek, it’s important to keep your pack light so it’s not weighing you down on the trail. Some intense backpackers even go so far as to saw off the handle of their toothbrush so they’re carrying as little weight as possible! Energy bars, like Tahoe, are a perfect food to bring because they are so compact and light, but are packed with carbs and protein that will sustain you throughout your trek. You can also check out this post on energy bars for runners.

It doesn’t hurt to bring more than you think you’ll eat, either. We’ve all been in that situation where what we thought was going to be a two-hour hike turns into an incredible all day excursion, and we run out of food. In the future, if you pack a couple of extra energy bars (that weigh almost nothing!), you can worry less about having enough sustenance and enjoy your outing all the more.

Tahoe Trail Bars are Loaded With Energy

It’s in the name – energy bars keep you energized, which is super important when you’re on a long hike. Trekkers should eat foods with carbohydrates throughout the day in order to maintain endurance. Eating carbs goes hand in hand with drinking water while on a long hike – the more regular your intake is, the better you’ll feel. Make sure to balance your water intake with food, especially foods that contain the right amount of sodium to avoid hyponatremia. On a super rigorous or extended trek, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that staying hydrated includes coupling energy-rich foods like Tahoe Trail Bars with your drinking water.

While carbs are essential for long distance trekkers, slow-burning carbs are the best option for maintaining energy levels. Tahoe Trail Bars are made with oats, nuts, and seeds that your body slowly breaks down over a period of time. Not only do they replenish your depleted energy, they keep you fueled. And as a bonus, Tahoe Trail Bars are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free. 

Tahoe Trail Bars Product Almost No Waste

In order to maintain our pristine wilderness areas for future generations, it’s important that we follow the principles of Leave No Trace. This includes proper disposal of all waste, including food waste. The mantra of many seasoned trekkers is “Pack it In, Pack it Out.” Luckily, energy bar wrappers are easily stowed and mess-free, leaving hardly any waste.

When You Eat Tahoe Trail Bars, You Impact Trails!

At Tahoe, our goal is to raise funds to impact 1,000 miles of trails in the next ten years. Because public funding for trail maintenance has significantly dwindled in the past decade, it’s so important for us to do our part to impact new and existing trails. We’ve partnered with credible trail building, restoration, and preservation organizations to support us in our mission. Every purchase you make helps us get closer to our goal. You can enjoy Tahoe’s delicious bars while trekking and feel good about your positive impact on trails for future generations to use. You can learn more about our mission here.

Energy bars remain a mainstay for trekkers, and for good reason. They’re lightweight and portable, and won’t weigh you down while you’re hiking. Tahoe Trail Bars are made with slow-burning carbs that replenish and sustain your depleted energy. Because there are so many different types of energy bars to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding which one to buy. You can count on Tahoe Trail Bars to always deliver the nutrition you need in delicious flavors like Mango Coconut or Dark Chocolate Cherry. And, when you buy Tahoe Trail Bars, you are helping us and thousands of others impact trails across the country.

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