What is Slacklining? Do you have what it takes?

We found a local slacker to share his insight on the rad sport of slacklining. Everyone, meet Clynton Hebert!

What is Slacklining?

Slacklining is the art of walking or balancing on a piece of webbing between 2 anchors. There are many different types of slacklines. They are: longlines, tricklines, waterlines, midlines & highlines to name a few.

A 2” wide slackline is normally used for tricklines and is how I particularly started into the sport.

Tricklining is doing a variety of tricks while slacklining; spins, flips, bounce tricks, etc. in between walking on a piece of webbing. A 1” wide slackline is used for longlines in the park, used for yoga slackers, across rivers or lakes, and also can be used as a main webbing and backup webbing when rigged on midlines and highlines which is where I find the most enjoyment out of the sport these days.

I grew up in Reno, NV and when the drought hit I could no longer ski the big mountain lines I grew to love and shred. My father introduced me to the sport of skydiving and there, I met my first friends who liked to highline.

Highlining is another aspect of slacklining but is rigged much much higher than a slackline, 2 slacklines taped together for safety with a leash and rock climbing harness in which case if you fall, you will not die.

I’ve been slacklining for about 5 years now and highlining for about half of that time. I’ve fallen a great number of times, it comes with the territory. It is the mentality of working and growing passed which I have fallen in love with. Bigger, longer and higher slacklines.

The never-ending progression. There is a word I have been searching for years to find that explains the mindset of growing passed these fears of highlining. Friends of mine always searching for that enlightenment, that epiphany that will set your mind free.

That word is Asamprajnata. You will not find this word in any English dictionary as it is derived from yoga meditation through Hinduism. If you were to google search this word, you will find its definition, “The highest state of super consciousness. Completely detaching from external stimuli coming to a full realization of the self, where the mind is completely stilled and reality is experienced.

A phase where there is direct realization of the consciousness power of one’s self, with no limitations.” This is why we highline.





SlackLife incorporates all of slacklining as a whole, a community of slackliners and is not just a word but a way of life.

If you’re lucky enough to attend a slackline event, it would probably change your life for the better. These events happen all over the world in many different locations where slackliners come from every corner of the Earth to grow, love and progress in the sport we all treasure.

These events happen across Europe, China and make their way to Canada around August where one of my favorite highline gatherings is held in Squamish, BC. Close to a dozen and half highlines are rigged on the Stawamus Chief which sits around 2300’ above the city of Squamish.

Such an incredible gathering of beautiful and badass people, which doesn’t stop there! The gatherings then go South to the United States; Smith Rock, Oregon and onto Humboldt and the Consumnes River Gorge in California.

This year is the first time I’ll be holding a gathering here in Reno/Tahoe for slackers to come hang in a suspended spacenet rigged in between 3 slacklines around 50 feet high.

Longlines and Highlines will also be rigged across the meadow in my front yard. If this is something that interests you, find me on social media for details.

Another Reno/Tahoe gathering for slackers is Emerald Pools. A popular cliff jumping area that has been developed for highlining over the gorges as well as spacenets to hang out in above the pools of water.

After the West coast gatherings we then all head to Moab for the greatest slackline meet of them all, GGBY. GGBY which stands for Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah is the Thanksgiving highline and BASE jumping festival in Southern Utah. Slacklines and spacenets are rigged at the fruit bowl around 450 feet off the ground.

The collection of people here almost mimics the vibes of Burning Man. Everyone dresses up and there is nonstop raging for a week out in the desert. Parties, slacklines and people jumping off the cliff or out of the spacenet at every moment of the day.

The highlining scene in Reno/Tahoe has been on the rise this past year. I’ve seen more new faces than I’ve seen in all my years in the sport. With new people come new highlines establishments, and with new highlines comes new adventures. I am excited to see where this sport will take the local slackers. There is endless potential for slacklines in our area. All it takes is a little imagination and the will power to create something beautiful for us all to share.


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